LUBA AWD 3000: Perimeter Wire Free Robot Lawn Mower

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The Luba AWD 3000 wireless robotic mower from Mammotion blends cutting-edge technology and modern design into a highly capable machine perfectly suited for hands-off lawn care.


  • Ideal For: Open Areas with minimal tree coverage
  • Installation: Wireless (RTK)
  • Max Working Area: .75 Acre
  • Max Slope: 33° (65%)
  • Max Zones: 6
  • Cutting Height: 1.18″ to 2.8″
  • Cutting Width: 16”
  • Sound Level: 60 db(A)

Intelligent App Control without Perimeter Cable

Never worry about perimeter wiring or accidental perimeter wire breaks again. You can set virtual boundaries and a mowing plan through APP control. Mow your grass whenever you want, however you want.

All-wheel drive for all Lawns and Weather

The four motors on rugged tires let Luba handle a 65% slope (33°) even on a rainy day, making it easy to traverse uneven or rough terrain without getting stuck.

Multi-zone Accurate Mowing

Luba AWD 3000 represents a breakthrough in precise positioning, mowing at the centimeter level. This robot mower can traverse paths to mow up to 6 different zones and avoid obstacles accurately. Eliminates the need to trim edges and corners manually.

High-Efficiency Mowing at Low Noise

The Luba AWD 3000 works at a neighbor-friendly sound level of no more than 60dB(A), quiet like normal conversation. Designed for lawns up to .75 acres, mowing efficiency is improved three times compared to conventional robotic mowers thanks to row-by-row movements. Once the battery is down to 15%, it will return to recharge automatically, then continue to mow, picking up right where it left off!

Safety & Theft Protection

Equipped with side bumpers and a front bumper, a lift and tilt sensor, a blade-guard fender, and a STOP button, Luba can protect you, your pets, and your family as well as itself from harm. There’s also an anti-theft system to protect Luba AWD 3000 from potential theft.

Want to learn more about Luba?

Visit our Mammotion brand page to learn more about the features, capabilities, and available Luba models.

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